TMF Annual Report Highlights “45 Years of Hope and Healing”

The Tennessee Medical Foundation is pleased to present its 2022 Annual Report.

This year’s theme, 45 Years of Hope and Healing, highlights program pioneers, leadership, and milestones since its birth in 1978, as well as data from programs and services, and major accomplishments over the past year.

Dr. Dorian in 1978

The Annual Report pays homage to the late John Dorian, MD, president of the Tennessee Medical Association in 1978, who returned from a national meeting that year inspired to advocate for a TMA-led effort to assist impaired physicians in Tennessee. It also honors the TMF’s venerable, late medical directors: Dr. William C. Anderson; Dr. David Dodd, Sr.; and Dr. Roland W. Gray.

Read about the TMF’s beginnings and history, and about its accomplishments last year in the TMF Annual Report.


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