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The following TMF-authored articles, organized by topic and most recent publication date, have been published in Topline, the semi-monthly newsletter of the Tennessee Medical Association, or in its former journal, Tennessee Medicine; the SVMIC Sentinel; or in other publications associated with our partners in physician health.

PHP Program

In Their Own Words: Why Do I Support the Physician’s Health Program?Tennessee Medicine, Oct 2015 [Read]

Five Years, Five ReasonsTennessee Medicine, Sep 2014 [Read]

PHP: Outreach to Physicians BroadensTennessee Medicine, May 2012 [Read]

Longtime TMF Physician’s Health Program Champion Dr. Anderson RetiringTennessee Medicine, Apr 2012 [Read]

The Tennessee Medical Foundation: Saving Lives. Saving CareersTennessee Medicine, Mar 2012 [Read]

TMF Broadens Scope, Continues Work with Impaired PhysiciansTennessee Medicine, Apr 2011 [Read]

PHP: 30 Years of Throwing Out a LifelineTennessee Medicine, Jan 2009 [Read]

PHP: Rescuing the Wounded Healer, Pt. IIITennessee Medicine, Nov 2007 [Read]

PHP: Rescuing the Wounded Healer, Pt. IITennessee Medicine, Oct 2007 [Read]

PHP: Rescuing the Wounded Healer, Pt. ITennessee Medicine, Sep 2007 [Read]

HeroesTennessee Medicine, Nov 2006 [Read]

Physician’s Health Programs, an International MovementTennessee Medicine, Apr 2006 [Read]

A Gift from the HeartTennessee Medicine, Dec 2005 [Read]

TMF Growing Pains Require Growing SupportTennessee Medicine, Nov 2005 [Read]

Here to Help: Interview with Roland W. Gray, MD, Physician’s Health Program Medical DirectorTennessee Medicine, Aug 2003 [Read]

Getting Help from the Physician’s Health ProgramTennessee Medicine, May 2002 [Read]


Radioactive Physicians: 100 Years of CriminalizationTMF Physician’s Health, Fall 2023 [Read]

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction: Another Trip Down the Rabbit Hole?Tennessee Medicine, Q3 2018 [Read]

Computers and the Internet: Too Much of a Good Thing?Tennessee Medicine, Aug 2006 [Read]

The Magnitude of the Meth EpidemicTennessee Medicine, Sep 2005 [Read]

Playing Russian Roulette with Inhalants, Part IITennessee Medicine, Aug 2005 [Read]

Playing Russian Roulette with Inhalants, Part ITennessee Medicine, Jul 2005 [Read]

Problem GamblingTennessee Medicine, Apr 2005 [Read]

Save Yourself First: Parenting an Addicted Child Tennessee Medicine, Feb 2005 [Read]

Alcoholism and Drug Dependency: Are We Setting Traps for Ourselves?Tennessee Medicine, Jul 2002 [Read]

Don’t Treat Thyself!Tennessee Medicine, Aug 2002 [Read]

Emotional/Mental Illness

TN-PSQ: Two Years and 400+ Screenings Thus FarSVMIC Sentinel, June 2022 [Read]

Physician Mental Health Help Now More Proactive with TN PSQSVMIC Sentinel, Feb 2020 [Read]

Risk Factors and Fears That Contribute to Physician SuicideTennessee Medicine, Mar 2018 [Read]

Physician Suicide Rates Show Alarming Need for EducationTennessee Medicine, Nov/Dec 2013 [Read]

‘Tis the Season, Part IITennessee Medicine, Jan 2005 [Read]

‘Tis the Season, Part ITennessee Medicine, Dec 2004 [Read]


Medical Marijuana: Therapy or an Oxymoron?Tennessee Medicine, Q1 2019 [Read]

NAS Update: Still a Troubling Note for Tennessee PrescribersTennessee Medicine, Q2 2016 [Read]

Why Physicians MisprescribeTennessee Medicine, Apr 2014 [Read]


Physician Burnout Series, Parts 1-4SVMIC Sentinel, 2018 [Read]

Physician Burnout: Don’t Wait to Ask for HelpTennessee Medicine, Q1 2018 [Read]

Dealing with Malpractice Stress, Part IITennessee Medicine, Sep 2012 [Read]

Dealing with Malpractice Stress, Part ITennessee Medicine, Aug 2012 [Read]

Physician StressTennessee Medicine, Dec 2002/Jan 2003 [Read]

Behavioral Issues

Physician Sexual Misconduct: A Quick, Sure Way to Lose Your LicenseTMA Topline, Jul/Aug 2021 [Read]

Boundary Violations and Professional Sexual Misconduct are Always HarmfulTennessee Medicine, Q3 2019 [Read]

Disruptive Behavior Now a Sentinel Event, Part IITennessee Medicine, Mar 2009 [Read]

Disruptive Behavior Now a Sentinel Event, Part ITennessee Medicine, Feb 2009 [Read]

Sexual Boundaries, Part IITennessee Medicine, Mar 2003 [Read]

Sexual Boundaries, Part ITennessee Medicine, Feb 2003 [Read]

Disruptive PhysicianTennessee Medicine, Sep/Oct 2002 [Read]

Physician Health

The “Eat Your Young” Mentality is Alive and Well in Medicine – Part 2TMA Topline, Nov/Dec 2022 [Read]

The “Eat Your Young” Mentality is Alive and Well in Medicine – Part 1TMA Topline, Sep/Oct 2022 [Read]

Avoid Compassion FatigueTennessee Medicine, Mar 2008 [Read]

Volunteering: Gratitude in ActionTennessee Medicine, Feb 2006 [Read]

Building Strong FamiliesTennessee Medicine, Jun 2005 [Read]

Medical Marriage, Part IIITennessee Medicine, Mar 2004 [Read]

Medical Marriage, Part IITennessee Medicine, Jan 2004 [Read]

Medical Marriage, Part ITennessee Medicine, Dec 2003 [Read]

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Articles published elsewhere about the TMF or co-authored by TMF staff.

Connecting Physicians With Confidential Screenings Through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Interactive Screening Program – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Dec 29, 2022 [Read]

Connecting Physicians With Confidential Screenings – National Physician Suicide Awareness Day/, Oct 2022 [Read]

2022 Education Conference Lecture Summaries: Overcoming Stigma and Bias: The Tennessee Professional Screening Questionnaire – FSPHP Physician Health News, Winter Issue, 2022 [Read]

Controlled Substances: Substance Use Disorders and PrescriptionsTN Dental Association News, Sep/Oct 2021 [Read]

First-Year Data on TNPSQ Mental Health Screening ToolNashville Medical News, May 6, 2021 [Read]

Free Online Mental Health Resource for TN Healthcare ProvidersWest Tennessee Medical News, April 2020 [Read]

Suicidal behavior among physicians referred for fitness-for-duty evaluation – Richard J. Iannelli, PhD, A.J. Reid Finlayson, MD, Kimberly P. Brown, PhD, ABPP, Ron Neufeld, BSW, Roland Gray, MD, Mary S. Dietrich, PhD, Peter R. Martin, MD – General Hospital Psychiatry, Nov/Dec 2014, Vol. 36, Issue 6, pp. 732-736 [Read – GHP login required]

A Different Kind of Drug WarNashville Medical News, Apr 2012. Reprinted with permission. [Read]

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