TMF Receives Opioid Abatement Grant for OUD Education, Recovery Support, & More

The Tennessee Medical Foundation is among 85 organizations across the state to receive grant awards in the first round of funding by Tennessee’s Opioid Abatement Council.

The TN OAC was created to manage the disbursement of proceeds from lawsuits relating to opioids. A total of $81 million in grants was approved in March 2024.

“The $1 Million grant over three years will allow us to do many things we could only dream of, such as create professional educational videos about opioid addiction treatment, as well as about our Physician’s Health Program, what to expect as a participant, and others,” said TMF Medical Director Dr. Michael Baron. “We will also use a portion of the funds to complete an in-depth outcome study. I am very excited,” he added.

The TN OAC grant to TMF will fund ongoing training lectures, modes, and events for Tennessee’s health professionals on proper opioid prescribing, prevention and treatment of opioid use disorder, and appropriate prescribing for acute and chronic pain management without opioids. Additional projects will include the outcomes study and ongoing recovery support for opioid use disorder among TMF-PHP participants.

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