A Message to Healthcare Professionals During the COVID Crisis

It’s been amazing to see communities across Tennessee come together to help their neighbors in time of need, particularly in the healthcare community. We know health facilities and professionals in some areas are under intense pressure and that could continue for the next several months. For those who are struggling, even as they provide care for patients or loved ones, the TMF Physician’s Health Program is here to help. For over 40 years, we have been working to resolve health professional impairment – from addiction, emotional or mental illness to behavioral or boundary problems, burnout, and more.

During this crisis situation, we are committed to remain a lifeline for physicians, physician assistants, chiropractors, optometrists, podiatrists, veterinarians, x-ray technicians, and clinical perfusionists, both licensed and in training.

How Are We Helping?

 We expect to see an increase in some areas of impairment so we are preparing to take more referrals. We are communicating with health professional groups, hospitals, medical practices and medical schools about our services and resources, including the Tennessee Professional Screening Questionnaire, or TN PSQ. This new online mental health screening tool is anonymous, voluntary, and completely free to the health professionals we serve, thanks to our donors.

We have made adjustments in our program to keep our participants safe and healthy, and to ensure their recovery can continue during this uncertain time. Likewise, we have adjusted our work environment to keep our staff and volunteers safe.

Your Challenge

Your challenge during this crisis is to stay healthy, or if you’re sick, to recover. You may be working overtime or you may have had to close your doors. No doubt, your priorities and your thoughts are for your family and your future, both immediate and long-term. Our thoughts are with you.

Please take care of yourself, whether you are in the trenches in an essential capacity or are on pause, waiting for relief and a return to life as usual. If you are a struggling health professional, or know someone who is, the TMF Physician’s Health Program stands ready to assist. Contact us online at e-tmf.org, call us at 615-467-6411, or utilize our resources online including the TN PSQ. We are here to help.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to keep this program going in what will be a tough year for everyone. We are here because of your generosity and with your support — as you are able — we will continue to fulfill our mission to Save Lives, Save Careers and see our health professionals, our neighbors, and our country through this crisis season.

Thank you for all you are doing to take care of those in your life, your work and your community.

With gratitude,

Timothy P. Davis, MD
TMF Board President

Michael Baron, MD, MPH
Medical Director